Wearable & fashionable tech developed with and for the Deaf community

We are developing devices that optimize music for tactile sensation on the body so that you can feel the music on you. Made to look like daily clothing, you can take the experience of music with you anytime, anywhere.  

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Transforming the Way Music is Experienced

Experience music coursing through your body. Through the power of vibrations, the Tactus wearable device provides an improved and well-rounded music experience.

Optimize Music for Tactile Sensation on the Body

Made with patented technology and designed for an immersive experience.

Made to Look Like Daily Clothing

Allowing you to not only feel good, but also look good in our wearable device.

Experience of Music With You Anytime, Anywhere

Powered with a portable battery and easily fitted in your outfits for a full day of use.

This technology was inspired by Laurie

Meet our inspiration

This technology was inspired by Laurie, who is a Deaf professor, dancer, and choreographer. The first device was made for her so that she can dance with live vibrational music feedback on her body so that she did not have the rely on her previous method of placing her hands on speakers to feel the vibrations to learn music before dancing. 

Seamless integration into garments made from the finest materials

Patented Technology

Make It Yours

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We speak so that we can get a better understanding of your needs
As a result of our shared passion and inclusive development approach

Feel the vibe

Our wearable technology is designed to provide an extended range of music for our users, including more than just the bass. With the technology integrated into the fabric, you can experience music while doing all the things you love to do. Enjoy your day with music accompanying you.

Extended range of music
Music on the go

Impressions from the community

Hear what our incredible customers have to say!

I feel like my soul is moving. The feeling of the music makes me want to dance


The vibrations from the music feel very relaxing. I would love to wear this while I try to fall asleep. The material feels nice and comfortable.


This is incredible! I can feel the guitars and the vocals of the singer, and when the drums come in, the rhythm feels so nice!


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