To provide a medium that allows deaf and hard of hearing individuals to truly enjoy music and connect with one another through shared musical experiences


Who we are

We are two mechanical engineers from Northeastern University, but the thing that truly connected us was our passion for music. Music is extremely important to us in our daily lives. We enjoy consuming music, sharing it with others, and making music together. We believe in music as a way for people to connect with each other and have wonderful shared experiences.

The Problem

Despite the power of music, the deaf and hard of hearing community is unable to experience music with ease. Hearing implants can help, but they are not optimized for music, they are expensive, and they meet only a small percentage of the deaf population's need. As a result, deaf individuals who have interest in music must use innovative means to enjoy it - ranging from placing their hands on loudspeakers, to feeling music vibrations on their bodies by turning the music up.

Our Vest

We have created a vibrotactile device that translates music into vibrations. This device is intended primarily for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, although it could be used as a way to enhance music for hearing individuals as well. Our device was first designed for Laurie: a professor and dancer who is deaf. She was able to dance with the vest on without feeling restricted, and she could feel music in real time while she choreographed a song.

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